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[Part 7] Interviewing with Nashville council members

[Part 7] Interviewing with Nashville council members

Historical Commissioners of Nashville. Photo by United Street Tours Staff.


Lastly, to become Nashville’s Historical Commissioner, I had to go through a process that included being nominated, completing an application, interviewing, etc.

Council Member Mina Johnson asked some tough questions that were challenging but absolutely necessary. With a huge smile on her face, she made me think through what it truly means to be a Historical Commissioner.

The Metropolitan Historical Commission is a municipal historic preservation agency working to document history, save and reuse buildings, and make the public more aware of the necessity and advantages of preservation in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. Created in 1966, the commission consists of fifteen citizens appointed by the mayor.


How I Became One Of The Youngest Historical Commissioners

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[Part 7] Interviewing with Nashville council members

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