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[Part 3] Overcoming imposter syndrome

[Part 3] Overcoming imposter syndrome

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My stomach rumbled.

Within 5-minutes of arriving at my first group tour, the Impostor voice inside my head was screaming, “What have you gotten us into?”

Leaving the education profession to start my own Nashville walking tour business seemed like my dumbest idea to date.

As my tour guides surrounded me, I wiped my sweaty palms on my pants and waited with them for our group of 90 high school boys to arrive.




Rain came out of the blue and they canceled the tour. Impostor reminded me that I could always go back home and start applying for education jobs.

She didn’t win.

Over time, I’ve learned to manage imposter syndrome by incorporating 3 simple steps in my life.

The first step is the 3-minute decision map. This helps me avoid spending days thinking about what Imposter thinks about the most horrific outcomes.

The opportunity.

When I got the call to be the voice for Nashville’s black history, Imposter whispered, “tuh, look at you trying to speak for all black people” and “you’re not even FROM Nashville.” Using this process, I defeated her and accepted the opportunity.

The voice.

I was invited to orally record the historical stories of my ancestors who experienced Nashville differently. I walked into the recording studio at Belmont University, and passionately honored the African American legacy in Nashville through storytelling.

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After the recording was over, I sat in my car filled with emotions. I felt their stories. I acknowledge their pain. I honor their legacy.

Because I defeated Imposter, I get to tell their stories on tour every day. Although I don’t know EVERYTHING, what I do know, I’m happy to share.

I am the voice of Nashville’s black history.

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