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United Street Tours

[Part 5] Becoming a board member for leading organizations

[Part 5] Becoming a board member for leading organizations

Chakita Patterson, Founder of United Street Tours becomes Board President of the Educators Cooperative


My schedule is jam-packed. I’ve squeezed in so many new and exciting projects, some of which involve serving as a board member for top organizations. Before I walked into the mayor’s office for the first time, I was leading community initiatives.

-Founder of United Street Tours

-Board of Director for Educators Cooperative (President)

-Board of Director and Co-Director for Diversity & Inclusion with MT|SHRM

-Advisory Board Member for Walk/Bike Nashville

-Member of Leaders for KIPP Nashville (ELK)

My area of expertise is transforming historical harms through teaching black history because progressives need truth, racial healing, and transformation to make a true impact.

Become the expert

Boards are looking for experts to advise them. They are looking to grow from your knowledge in your area of expertise. Therefore, the first step to becoming the newest board member for a leading organization is to develop “niche expertise.” Secondly, put in hours of research. Nope, there is no way around it. Research should be focused on background info and growth strategies for your niche. Lastly, build out your brand over time.

Nashville walking tour with United Street Tours Chakita Patterson at Z. Alexander Looby Home

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