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[Part 6] Creating award-winning Nashville tours | Civil Rights

[Part 6] Creating award-winning Nashville tours


While holding advocacy positions in the Nashville community, I continued to push United Street Tours in an innovative direction. I begin developing new tours, and the new Civil Rights Movement Walking Tour of Nashville quickly became our most popular Nashville walking tour. 

On this tour, we take a journey through downtown Nashville and learn the history of the civil rights movement and its defining moments. You will hear powerful stories of sacrifice and become inspired by images of brave heroes who challenged inequality. 

Watch of video of the Nashville walking tour here. 

The Civil Rights Walking Tour of Nashville is frequently booked by schools, churches, and organizations that spread the word around town about its tremendous impact. Most people don’t know that Nashville was at the forefront of the civil rights movement. However, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dubbed the Nashville sit-ins as “the best organized and most disciplined in all of Southland.


By being innovative and communicating with our followers on social media, we make sure that United Street Tours remains at the forefront as a community resource. 

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