United Street Tours

United Street Tours

Our Mission



United Street Tours (@UnitedStreetTours) is a Nashville-based touring business founded in 2018 that showcases the hidden history of Nashville that educates, informs, and inspires racial justice. It is our mission to increase your level of awareness. We strive to ignite the feeling of hopefulness and inspire you to continue finding ways to protest injustices, build bridges, and contribute to the community. Put simply, we aim to inspire others to #WalkUnited.

Our Vision


We are bound by the vision to create environments where diversity is genuinely valued, and equity is embedded in the culture of homes, schools, churches, offices, and systems around the world. 

We teach and celebrate black history 365 days a year and, in this way, use education as a stepping stone to creating a world free of racism and discrimination. We believe that there is unparalleled strength in unity, fascinating beauty in diversity, and, above all, a future for everyone. Forward together.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

United Street Tours values the amazing diversity of Nashville and celebrate inclusion through storytelling. United Street Tours and staff would like to respectfully acknowledge that we are meeting and walking on the traditional land of the Native Americans. Nashville has always been an important meeting place of cultural significance for Native Americans, and we will continue to honor them as the indigenous peoples of Nashville.


We are a forward-thinking, digital company with deep respect and a sense of responsibility for our natural environment. This is why our primary mode of transportation and preferred way of discovering the city are the same: walking. As a walking tour company, we maintain a low carbon footprint by using leg power. When needed, we support the local economy by utilizing transportation systems that are already in place. In this way, we reduce our environmental impact and support everyday businesses that serve the community.

Economic support for local, small businesses

You are helping to sustain the economy of not only our local black-owned business by touring with us, but also many other small businesses in Nashville that we will stop by along the way. United Street Tours sees small businesses as crucial to sustaining the local economy and local families. We aim to support other small businesses and encourage our customers to support them as well through patronage, visiting, and posting positive reviews about their experiences.


Chakita Patterson (@chakita_sharnise) is a Memphis-native with a bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Master in Social Work degree. She is a generational storyteller and educator whose focus is geared towards celebrating people and cultures who might not have always been given a platform to express themselves freely. 

Deeply inspired by her work as a high school dean of students and the topic of the African diaspora, she enjoys bringing incredible experiences to the world about the black experience, through the power of storytelling. She believes that bridges can be built through education and mended through communication.