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Chakita Patterson


Chakita has been featured in StyleBlueprint who dubbed her work “the tour everyone should take.” She was recognized as the 40 under 40 and “Women of Influence” in the Trailblazer category. Her tours and experiences are rated 5-stars on major sites and she’s hosted people on tours from all over the world.


Designed for Visual Storytelling

See Nashville as you’ve never seen it before while enjoying the comforts of your home. Our virtual walking tours are curated replays that allow you to virtually visit historic spaces. Nashville is a prized Southern travel destination. But often omitted from the narratives about Nashville’s past and present, is the city’s roots of slavery, civil rights, and the Black community. Access our video replays by clicking join now and choosing “theNeighborhood” level or higher for unlimited access. 


  • Open your eyes to a new perspective with award-winning tour guides.

  • Travel from the comfort of your home with United Street Tours virtually.

  • Learn about the civil rights movement, Black history, Black-owned businesses, and more.

  • Learn about the first Black-owned business owners in Nashville who lived during slavery.

  • Learn about the sites we recommend that you visit in the city.

  • Engage with a community of disruptors from around the world who are gathered in one place to learn, grow, and experience.

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