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The “Foundations in Cultural Awareness” curriculum by United Street Tours is designed to prepare students to thrive in a multicultural world that goes beyond mere tolerance and embraces differences. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to foster real-world connections and cultural understanding. You can experience it on a Nashville walking tour or a black history virtual tour. 

This was eye opening. I learned how to change the way I see others and I talk to others. This will be a life-long journey and one I have to remind myself of. The cost is minimal but worth the lifelong education.

I want to become a sponsor!

Key Features of the Curriculum:

Cultural History and Heritage: We delve into the rich history and heritage of African American culture, highlighting the contributions of diverse communities to the global society. By understanding the roots of various cultures, students can better appreciate and respect their differences.

Cultural Values and Beliefs: We explore the core values and beliefs that shape cultures, enabling students to comprehend the thought processes and behaviors of others. This understanding promotes empathy and creates a foundation for meaningful interactions.

Effective Communication: We equip students with communication skills tailored for engaging with people from diverse backgrounds. 

Cultural Sensitivity and Respect: We emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity and respectful behavior, encouraging students to recognize and avoid stereotypes or microaggressions. This fosters an inclusive and accepting environment for all individuals.

Global Awareness: We broaden students’ perspectives by discussing global issues and challenges faced by different communities. By encouraging a global outlook, students learn to approach problem-solving with diverse perspectives in mind.

Community Engagement: We offer opportunities for students to engage with local cultural communities. These experiences provide firsthand encounters with different customs and practices, promoting experiential learning and connection.

Reflection and Self-Awareness: We encourage students to reflect on their own cultural identities and biases. By developing self-awareness, students become more open-minded and better equipped to embrace diversity.

Collaboration and Teamwork: We promote teamwork and collaboration among students from various backgrounds. By working together, students learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and unique contributions, fostering a supportive and harmonious learning environment.

Promoting Social Justice: We discuss issues of social justice and equity, empowering students to become advocates for change in their communities. Through awareness of social issues, students can take steps toward building a more inclusive world.

Practical Application: We emphasize real-world applications of cultural awareness, preparing students for success in a diverse workplace and a globalized society.

The tour was excellent and very thought-provoking. This experience was worth 5-stars, 6-stars even. Everyone should experience.

Great way to experience and learn about a part of Nashville that would otherwise not be available. Our guide did an amazing job and we are inspired to learn more.

The tour was exceptional. United Street Tours did everything to make sure that the overall experience would be smooth and awesome. It was very informative and we definitely enjoyed every moment of it.

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