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Explore Nashville on foot with these walking tours of nashville, tN

This page outlines the ultimate guide to Nashville’s most popular walking tours, including civil rights, historic, music, and night walking tour options.


If you’re just looking for a quick answer on the best Nashville walking tours, here are our top picks:

City History Tours

If you’re into history, we got you covered. You can also hop on the Wander Nashville historic walking tour and explore all the hidden gems that make Nashville special. This tour will lead you through the streets of the city, from the early settlements to the growth and development of Nashville.

Or take the downtown Civil Rights Walking Tour of Nashville where you’ll get a real sense of how this city has evolved over time. You’ll visit places like the Woolworth building, where brave individuals fought against segregation, and the Civil Rights Room at the Nashville Public Library, which is filled with powerful exhibits and stories.

Music History Tours

Now, let’s talk about music, because Nashville is the Music City, afterall! Join the Famous Footsteps Guided Walking Tour and follow in the footsteps of music legends. You’ll get to see the spots where legends like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Elvis Presley made history.

If you want to dive even deeper into the music scene, check out the 90-Minute Legends of Music City Guided Historical Walking Tour. This tour is all about the stories behind the music. From the birth of country music to the rise of rock ‘n’ roll, this tour has got it all.

And last but not least, you’ve got the Walkin’ Nashville – Music City Legends Tour. This one is all about the legendary figures that put Nashville on the map. From Hank Williams to Jimi Hendrix, this tour will introduce you to the iconic musicians who called this city home.

Mural and Photography Tours

If you’re all about that Instagram life, don’t miss the Nashville Mural Photowalk Tour with a professional photographer. Capture some epic pics with those famous murals. 

And speaking of murals, the Downtown Nashville Mural Walking Tour will take you through a visual feast of street art. This tour will take you on a leisurely stroll through the streets of downtown, where you’ll encounter stunning murals around every corner.

Plus, if you’re feeling cute and romantic, go for a Private 1-Hour Couples Tour and Photoshoot Experience  and capture those special moments with your loved one.

Food Tours

Alright, now let’s talk food! We’ve got a lineup of food tours that will have you drooling.

Take a Nashville Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours and you’ll hit up some local hotspots serving hot chicken at an iconic BBQ joint, a pulled pork sandwich, handmade buttermilk biscuits, and a taste of the tour’s keep-em-guessing “Secret Dish.” 

Don’t forget the Underground Downtown Nashville Donut Tour. Yeah, you heard it right, you’ll get  a whole tour dedicated to donuts! 

For a more comprehensive food experience, check out the Downtown Nashville Walking Food Tour. This one combines food and sightseeing, so you’ll get a taste of Nashville’s history and landmarks while enjoying some scrumptious bites. It’s a win-win situation!

And if you’re up for neighborhood food adventures, check out the Germantown Food and Sightseeing Walking Tour. You’ll visit the Farmer’s Market and sample specialty foods on this small-group tour while your guide shares stories of Nashville’s culinary culture.

The Music City Food & Sightseeing Walking Tour, visits historic riverfront areas where you’ll sightsee and sample Southern food items and a specialty cocktail. You may also hear some live music and enjoy a beer.

 If you’re all about the Music City vibe, the Music City Food & Sightseeing Walking Tour is a must. This tour will take you through the heart of Nashville, sampling the city’s iconic dishes and experiencing its musical heritage. It’s a culinary and cultural journey you won’t want to miss.

On this half-day Secret Food Tour in Nashville 12South, guides will take you through 12South, which has emerged as Music City’s one-stop destination to eat, drink, shop, and socialize.

And if you’re craving more, the Neighborhood Food & Drink Tour got your back. You will feel like a local Nashvillian as we receive the VIP treatment at some of the most popular restaurants in town.

Downtown Nashville Sightseeing Tours

Here are some awesome sightseeing tours with similar names that will give you a taste of the city’s vibrant energy.

On the Downtown Nashville Walking Tour, you’ll explore interesting history of many of the landmarks of Nashville including the Ryman Auditorium, Printers Alley, TN State Capitol, Fort Nashborough & Bi-centennial Park.

If you want to dive even deeper into the sights and sounds of downtown, check out the Downtown Nashville Sightseeing Walking Tour. You’ll get insight into the historic and modern day Nashville is entertaining and creates a very unique tour experience from a local.

A similar tour is the Downtown Nashville Guided Sightseeing Walking Tour. This tour takes you on a guided adventure, highlighting honky-tonk history and most colorful characters on a walking tour of downtown with a storytelling guide

Pub Crawl Tours

Now, let’s get the party started! Alright, party people, get ready to experience some epic pub crawl tours. 

Downtown Nashville Pub Crawl Walking Tour, this tour is the ultimate way to explore the iconic honky-tonks and bars that line the streets of downtown. You’ll hop from one lively venue to another, immersing yourself in the heart of Nashville’s music scene and enjoying some cold drinks along the way.

If you’re into honky-tonk vibes and sightseeing, the Nashville’s Honky-Tonk Walking Sightseeing Pub Crawl is where it’s at. You’ll not only visit popular watering holes but also get a chance to take in the sights and sounds of Nashville’s famous Broadway. 

For those who love a bit of spookiness with their drinks, check out the Nashville Haunted Boos and Booze Tour. This pub crawl will take you to haunted bars and locations while hearing ghostly stories and legends that will send shivers down your spine.

If you’re a drinker and a thinker, the Nashville Drinkers & Thinkers Pub Crawl is right up your alley. This tour combines the best of both worlds by taking you to bars and venues known for their intellectual and creative vibes. 

If you’re looking for a VIP experience, the Nashville VIP Bar & Club Crawl is the way to go. You’ll get the VIP treatment as you visit some of the city’s hottest spots, skipping the lines and enjoying exclusive access. 

For those who appreciate craft cocktails and fine dining, the Nashville Craft Cocktail and Fine Dining Tour is a must. This tour will introduce you to the city’s top-notch mixologists and crafted cocktails.

Last but not least, you’ve got the Nashville’s Seeking Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl. This one is for the brave souls who dare to explore the haunted side of Nashville. You’ll visit haunted bars and pubs while learning about the city’s paranormal tales and legends.

Night Tours

Night owls, rejoice! Below are a a few options that’ll keep you entertained after the sun goes down.

Join the 90-Minute “Murder in Music City” Night-Time Ghost Walking Tour of Nashville if you’re into true crime, mobs, murders, hauntings, and brothels.

If you’re looking for more ghostly encounters, The Ghosts of Nashville Walking Tour is a must. On this walking tour, you’ll see local landmarks ranging from supposedly haunted churches and music venues to drinking dens and more.

 And for the ultimate night out, don’t miss Nashville’s #1 All-Inclusive Pub Crawl with Moonshine, Cocktails, and Craft Beer experience. On this experience, you’ll discover Nashville’s thriving nightlife scene during this guided pub crawl, you’ll visit iconic Honky Tonks on Broadway and a speakeasy-style Gin Mill in trendy Printers Alley.

Nashville has some cool and  unique walking tours that’ll give you a fresh and exciting perspective on the city. Get ready for these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Cool & Unique Nashville Walking Tours

The Music City Puppet Tour will take you on a whimsical journey through Nashville, led by puppets! You’ll explore the city’s landmarks and hidden gems while being entertained by lively puppet characters. It’s a fun and playful way to discover the magic of Nashville.

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, the Sip n’ Shop Nashville Shopping Tour is where it’s at. This tour combines two things you will  love: shopping and sipping! You’ll explore the trendiest boutiques and shops while enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage. 

Now, if you’re a nature lover and enjoy the great outdoors, the Percy Warner Park Morning Hiking Tour is calling your name. This tour is all about embracing the beauty of nature as you hike through the scenic Percy Warner Park.

Self-Guided Walking Tours

If you prefer to explore at your own pace, you can try a free or paid self-guided tour. 

Take a Nashville Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour or the Nashville Music City Smart Phone Self-Guided Audio/App Walking Tour. 

If you’re up for a challenge, try the Nashville Scavenger Hunt and Sights Self-Guided Private Tour. 

Nashville Sites, a cool way to explore Nashville from your phone, desktop, or tablet with these free audio self-guided tours. 

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