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United Street Tours

United Street Tours


Read our reviews from our Nashville tours and experiences that has earned United Street Tours a coveted 5-star rating.

Joe LoBello

Highly recommend! We learned so much about Nashville civil rights history. A highlight of our trip. Had a great walk around town seeing important local historical points about civil rights. Our guide was great!

Melissa Hall

Ready or not, your life is about to change. Once you open yourself to this opportunity, you will see many things through a new lens. It’s convicting, it’s compelling, it’s challenging, and it’s worth it. You will be privy to new perspectives and new friends

Jernie Millan

I will not sugar coat this. You will experience extreme highs and lows. You will share some of your most vulnerable experiences – but this is where the growth happens. You will grow so much in 7-days. You can do this. Lean into the unknown. BIPOC need you.

Lisa McCarthy

Chakita provided a moving experience that offered a new perspective on Nashville. We booked the Civil rights tour and the Black history tour back-to-back and I’m glad we did. Great stories and research.

“My husband and I took several Nashville walking tours this summer during our vacation. The civil rights tour was truly the best one. Chakita and Ogden are exceptional storytellers. You feel like you are there, watching the students of the civil rights movement march down 5th Avenue, walk into the department store, and courageously sit-in demanding equality for all.”

-April Galia

Amy Jackson​

I am so impressed by Chakita. She has taken time to create a safe space for other races to learn about what it means to be Black in America. I have learned so much from her group and her honesty. She pushes us to honestly look at ourselves and see our impact. Thank you for allowing us to learn from you. I am forever grateful to you!

Donna Zeigfinger

This was eye opening. I learned how to change the way I see others and I talk to others. This will be a life-long journey and one I have to remind myself of. The cost is minimal but worth the lifelong education

Rosemarie Japson

The tour was excellent and very thought-provoking. This experience was worth 5-stars, 6-stars even. Everyone should experience the Slavery to Freedom Walking Tour to learn about slavery in Nashville.

Jes Midgett

Really interesting tour. Chakita is very knowledgeable and engaging and we learned quite a few things we hadn’t known before. I plan to go back for another tour next time I visit Nashville.

“My experience with United Street Tours Nashville has allowed me to grow and educate myself for the better, something I value immensely.”


Brittany Jones

I learned so much about black history in Nashville and the civil rights movement on this tour. Thank you for an authentic and real experience United Street Tours.

Kristen Frala Ogburn

I purchased an online challenge from United Street Tours and really love and appreciate what I have learned. Thanks for all your work!

Muhammad Bilal Afzal Kayani

Kudos to the 1-Hour Local Food and History Experience. Excellent tour with great historical perspective

Jennifer Prince

Ms. Patterson and her team provided a unique and eye-opening learning experience.
“Seriously educational and worth the time.”
-Adrian Sorolis

Daphne Kiplinger

Excellent educational opportunity, grateful to have learned from this organization!

Chloé Hollings-Plot

They do wonderful, committed, engaged, generous work.

Katie Abramson

I am so grateful for my experience with United Street Tours.

Memphis Homes

Awesome tour with a very unique perspective on the music city.