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United Street Tours

Black History Tours Near You

Black history tours provide a unique opportunity to explore the rich and often overlooked historical and cultural contributions of African Americans and Black people worldwide.

North America

African American tours in North America take you on a captivating journey through significant landmarks, museums, and neighborhoods that hold great cultural significance. These tours are best for those seeking to follow the black heritage trail. 

Atlanta Black History Tours

Choose an Atlanta African American history tour below to learn about significant events and influential figures from the past.

Birmingham Black History Tours

Choose a Birmingham African American heritage tour below which serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and diversity in our collective narrative.

Chicago Black History Tours

Black history field trips in Chicago shows that it’s not just about looking back; it’s about acknowledging the ongoing impact of black culture on shaping our present and future.

Halifax, Nova Scotia Black History Tours

When you visit Halifax, don’t miss out on a black history bus tour to actively support the preservation and celebration of black heritage, promoting a more empathetic and united society.

Memphis Diversity City Tours

When you visit Memphis, don’t miss out on a black history walking tour to gain a more comprehensive perspective on American history.

Montgomery Black History Tours

In Montgomery, choose which black history tour of the south you’d like to take for an educational and empowering experience that can help you become better advocates for equality and social justice.

Nashville Black History Tours

Nashville is an ideal place for black history month field trips for adults and children. Take a field trip to Nashville to uncover progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done to achieve equality and justice.

New Orleans Black History Tours

New Orleans is an essential stop on any black heritage trail tour. The city highlights the interconnectedness of cultures and how black history is an integral part of human history as a whole.

New York City Black History Tours

If you’re looking for a black history month tour, New York offer a profound and enlightening experience. 

Washington Black History Tours

Choose the African American walking tour of Washington that matches with your availability to become inspired by the incredible legacy of black people.


By participating in black history walks in Europe, you can gain a deeper understanding of the struggles, achievements, and resilience of the black community throughout history. Europe’s black heritage tours are best for those seeking knowledge about the black heritage trail. 

London Black History Tours

You can confront uncomfortable truths and learn from the past by accessing black history virtual field trips for children and adults about London’s history. 


Join African walking tours to recognize and honor the contributions of Africans to the world. These  African story tours provides insight into the global story of blackness. 

Ghana Black History Tours

A unique way to celebrate culture is by accessing Ghana’s virtual tours for black history month.