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Designed by educators to make a real educational impact

Created to inspire cultural exchange and awareness

Curated for experiential education within the local community


Get a little taste of Nashville on our popular half-day and full-day tours. Our private day tours are perfect for individuals and groups who want to hear the fascinating stories behind the most popular and lesser-known historical sites in Nashville. On these historical tours, you’ll spend more time with your expert tour guide seeing the most iconic attractions as well as learning where to eat, shop, and enjoy Nashville’s nightlife. Half-day tours are 4 hours. Full-day tours are 6 hours. Contact us to book your tour today! 

Day Tour Highlights

  • Spend more time with local Nashville tour guides on a tour customized for you
  • Add sights and attractions to the itinerary that you want to see and experience
  • Enjoy a private tour that explores both famous landmarks and often overlooked historical sites
  • Engage in meaningful conversations about race relations in Nashville and gain perspective


Integrating African American History into Your Curriculum

United Street Tours walking tours are perfect for helping you integrate black history into your classes. Our walking tours cover a variety of black history subjects that align with Tennessee Academic Standards. We can cater to grades K-12 and college groups. School groups will gain an understanding of the contributions, accomplishments, and influences of black people in shaping the United States and the world. Contact us to book your school field trip today!

Educational Impact & Learning Outcomes

Today’s students learn on a deeper level when they have real-life experiences to match what they’re learning. That’s why experiential learning powers our walking tours. Through experiential learning, our objective is to help students gain different perspectives and develop the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse world. 

Our educational tours give young people an edge in the world of tomorrow. They aim to cultivate cultural awareness and instill an appreciation for diversity. United Street Tours helps prepare students for a world where interaction between local and broader communities is increasingly a vital skill and mindset. Black history teaches us to persevere through adversity, and how to stand up for ourselves in a nonviolent way which is key to success.

Students will examine the history of Tennessee, including the cultural, economic, and political influences upon that history. Students will discuss Tennessee’s indigenous peoples, displaced Africans, as well as the arrival of European settlers. Students will analyze and describe the foundation of the state of Tennessee. Students will identify and explain the origins, impact, and aftermath of significant events in the history of Nashville, Tennessee and the United States.

Students will examine how ordinary people protested at everyday places making Nashville more inclusive for all. Students will discuss the Civil Rights Movement and Tennessee’s nonviolent resistance protests and boycotts. Students will analyze the key people and events of the Civil Rights Movement. Students will understand the theory behind peaceful demonstrations. Students will address questions that will guide inquiry and critical thinking. Lastly, students will appreciate the diversity of various cultures and their influences on the United States.

Students will learn about the life and contributions of African Americans through examining the music, art, history, and culture of the African American community in Nashville. Students will explore the history of Jefferson Street and its musical legacy. Along with learning more about Nashville Jefferson Street history, students will visit historically black colleges and universities. Students will tour Fisk University, tour Meharry Medical College, and learn about the African American leaders who graduated from Tennessee State University. By learning the history of Jefferson Street in Nashville, students will understand how human beings create, learn, share, and adapt within cultures. For more Nashville tours, including private tours, tour packages, sightseeing tours, historical tours, and city tours click here.


Planning a family reunion in Nashville, TN? Coming up with ideas and logistics for family reunions in Nashville can be exhausting. We’re happy to help! Our African American history tours are a great activity to celebrate family ties and connect your family to the foundation of the legacy, ancestry, and genealogy that makes up family history.

Family reunions are a unique tradition that bridge distance and time to bring people together. Notably, African American family reunions in this country have been a staple in keeping in touch with distance relatives since the Great Migration. Traditionally, family reunions were a way for black families to stay connected to those loved ones who moved North seeking better opportunities for themselves.

Our team understands the tradition of family reunions and is excited to help guide you with planning. Contact us to book your family reunion tour with today!  


Our historical walking tours are an excellent opportunity for your team to get out of the office! Hit the streets of Nashville with colleagues to learn about the community where they live, work, and play. Your team will visit sightseeing attractions in Nashville, hear historical nuggets, and bond on a deeper level. On this walking tour, you’ll get flexible start times, adjustable group sizes, a discussion about the history and culture in the community, and customizable experiences. Our corporate team building tours are perfect for organizations with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.  Contact us to book your staff outing today! 


  • Get outside the usual office environment
  • Cultural awareness opportunity
  • Explore the Nashville community where you live and work
  • Visit amazing hidden attractions
  • Boost company morale
  • Reward employees for a job well-done with a great tour


  • Private tour
  • Half-day tour
  • Full-day Tour
  • Multi-day Tour
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42 - 62$2,356$4,712$9,442Varies
63 - 82$3,116$6,232$12,464Varies
83 - 102$3,876$7,752$15,504Varies
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"We did a full day tour with them that Chakita tailored specifically to us so the time spent in advance of our tour chatting with us and planning was so valuable too. We strongly recommend booking with them and learning true history of Nashville. This would be a great experience for corporate groups, businesses, classrooms of all ages as well as individuals like us."
Ellen Sauer
"Chakita, thank you for your riveting presentation to the Breakfast Club of Nashville about United Street Tours. You taught us so much history! Your format is fascinating and engrossing. We can't wait to have you come back for more storytelling."
Lisa Ellis
"Thank you so much for the inspiring keynote address. Your balance of storytelling brilliance with practical, guided introspection with a purpose was the perfect start to a day of learning and collaborating. You sparked a buzz throughout conversations and connections for the rest of the day, centered on tending to their personal role in the work."
Gregory O'Loughlin
"The African American Culture and Civil Rights Tours are fantastic--I booked them both back-to-back and enjoyed them immensely! I left the tours, not only more educated, but feeling hopeful and inspired. I highly recommend both tours."
Lauren Cone