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Unveiling the Secrets of Music City – Diversity and Awareness Walking Tour

Unveiling the Secrets of Music City – Diversity and Awareness Walking Tour


Discover hidden alleys and untold stories on this thought-provoking Nashville walking tour that shines a light on the city’s diversity and the importance of racial awareness.


Step off the beaten path and journey back in time as you explore the lesser-known narratives of Nashville’s history. 

Your Nashville walking tour begins in the vibrant community of Jefferson Street, a once-thriving African American community that experienced the devastating impact of urban renewal. Delve into the rich cultural heritage that once thrived here, celebrating the contributions of African American entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians.

As you navigate the streets of North Nashville, you’ll confront the truths that lie beneath the surface. Uncover the consequences of the interstate highway’s construction, which tore apart Black neighborhoods, displaced residents, and perpetuated racial inequality. Stand at the very site where the highway now stands, reflecting on the lasting effects of this injustice and its impact on the community.

Through powerful storytelling and meaningful dialogue about Black history, you’ll get insight into the hidden history that has been overlooked or silenced for far too long. 

This walking tour of Nashville aims to foster racial awareness, challenge dominant narratives, and amplify marginalized voices.

You’ll explore the complexities of Nashville’s past and present, sparking empathy and inspiring action for a more equitable future.

Join us on this eye-opening walking tour as you uncover the secrets of Music City, igniting a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the ongoing struggle for racial justice. 

Together, let’s rewrite the narrative and create a city that embraces its full history, values its diverse communities, and works towards a more inclusive society.


    • Explore beyond the surface and uncover the lesser-known narratives and untold stories of Nashville.
    • Challenge the status quo by confronting the impact of racial awareness, amplifying marginalized voices, and reshaping dominant narratives.
    • Foster a profound understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, offering valuable insights into Nashville’s history.
    • Embark on an off-the-beaten-path exploration, inspiring meaningful dialogue and empowering action for a more inclusive society.


    • This Nashville tour will proceed rain or shine.
    • Walking tour stops are subject to potential modifications without prior notification, ensuring the highest quality route and relevance of the tour content.
    • Children under the age of 4 can join the walking tour free of charge. Maximum of two children per adult under policy  to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, this Nashville tour is now only offered as a private tour add-on. Click here for our current live tours.

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