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United Street Tours


The Nashville Civil Rights Tour offers participants a powerful and immersive experience that exposes you to the vital principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in several meaningful ways:

Historical Context

This Nashville walking tour takes participants through key locations and landmarks associated with the Civil Rights Movement. By experiencing the places where significant events occurred, participants gain a deeper understanding of the pursuit for racial equality and justice. 

This historical context helps you grasp the challenges faced by marginalized communities and underscores the importance of promoting diversity and equal rights.

Storytelling and Personal Narratives

Because this Nashville tour is enriched with personal narratives, accounts, and stories of individuals who were directly involved in the movement or impacted by it, hearing these stories fosters empathy and encourages you to consider different perspectives.

These stories provide a human connection to the principles of DE&I by highlighting the voices and experiences of people who fought against discrimination and inequality. 

Exposure to Social Justice Advocacy

The Civil Rights Movement was a seminal period of social justice advocacy. On this walking tour in Nashville, you will witness the dedication and perseverance of activists who campaigned for justice, equality, and civil liberties. 

This exposure encourages you to reflect on your own roles as advocates for social change and allies in the pursuit of equity.

Understanding Systemic Inequities

You will be introduced to systemic inequities that the movement aimed to address.You will learn about discriminatory laws, segregation, and policies that perpetuated inequality. 

This understanding helps you recognize how institutionalized racism and biases can create and sustain disparities, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive and fair systems.

Reflection on Progress and Challenges

During and after the tour is a time for guided reflect on both the progress made since the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing challenges related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Discussing these themes in the context of historical struggles encourages you to consider your responsibility in continuing the work of creating a more just and inclusive society.

Cultivation of Empathy and Cultural Sensitivity

Engaging with the stories and experiences of marginalized communities fosters empathy and cultural sensitivity. Participants learn to appreciate the lived experiences of others and gain insights into the importance of creating environments where everyone is valued and respected.

Inspiration for Advocacy

By experiencing the impact of collective action and advocacy during the Civil Rights era, you will be inspired to become advocates for change in your own communities. 

Promoting DE&I requires proactive efforts, a commitment to unlearning, and a commitment to challenging systemic biases and inequalities.

In essence, this culture shifting experience provides a platform for you to witness the historical struggle for equality, drawing connections between the past and present challenges in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

It encourages you to engage in meaningful conversations and take action to contribute to a more equitable and just society.

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