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Black History Walking Tour of Nashville

Black History Walking Tour of Nashville


Trace the path of African Americans on this Nashville walking tour through significant downtown landmarks and sites, highlighting black history on this Nashville tour.

What We’ll Do

This immersive downtown experience will take you on a captivating exploration, revealing the profound contributions and inspiring stories of black people who shaped Nashville’s growth and cultural identity.

As you embark on this Nashville tour, your knowledgeable guide will lead you through historic sites and attractions, shedding light on the significant role African Americans played in the city’s development.

From early settlers to trailblazing entrepreneurs, from influential political figures to pioneering musicians, you’ll discover the diverse mix of achievements that have left an indelible mark on the fabric of the Music City.

You’ll hear stories of resilience and determination, as well as tales of collective strength and community building in the face of adversity that are not shared on other walking tours of Nashville.

From the early days of settlement and enslavement, to the civil rights movement and beyond, you’ll explore the milestones and key events that defined the path towards equality and justice.

Along the way, you’ll also discuss the ongoing efforts to preserve and promote black history in Nashville. Join this Nashville walking tour to increase awareness and ensure that the stories of these trailblazers are remembered and celebrated.

By joining this tour, you become part of a collective effort to honor and preserve the legacy of those who shaped our city from its very beginning.

As you walk the streets of downtown Nashville, United Street Tours invite you to engage with the past, to listen, to reflect, and to celebrate the incredible contributions of African Americans. Join us on this guided African American history tour, where every step brings us closer to a more inclusive and enlightened future.


On this tour, you’ll hear a bunch of fascinating stories that are worth highlighting:

    • There’s a plaque near the Courthouse dedicated to an enslaved man who made a significant impact in entrepreneurship.
    • You’ll learn about an enslaved woman who lived near Public Square and managed to buy her son’s freedom.
    • You’ll discover the black architects who founded a firm that has thrived for years and is now worth millions.
    • In the 1800s, a free Black woman broke barriers by opening a sweets shop, and we’ll witness her historic marker on Rep. John Lewis way and more.


    • This Nashville tour will proceed rain or shine.
    • Walking tour stops are subject to potential modifications without prior notification, ensuring the highest quality route and relevance of the tour content.
    • Children under the age of 4 can join the walking tour free of charge. Maximum of two children per adult under policy to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, this Nashville tour is now only offered as a private tour add-on. Click here for our current live tours.

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