Nashville's African-American History Propels A New Walking Tour

Apr. 13, 2018                                                                            Nashville Public Radio

“Our tours create a space for the black story to be told, so it’s not exclusively a black space,” she said. “We seek to expand the minds of all people.”

The Insider’s Guide to Nashville

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“Everyone here is so welcoming and so open,” says Patterson, who hosts African American history-focused treks with her company, United Street Tours. “Anybody coming in will feel a sense of community.”

TSU Professor, Students Unveil Historical Maker Recognizing Victims of Nashville's Slave Market

Dec. 7, 2018                                                                            Tennessee State University Newsroom

“This is so important because a lot of the missing history and the hidden history in Nashville is now being uncovered,” said Patterson. “A lot of people don’t know how significant black history, and black culture is here.”

Black History Month: An Expert's Experience in Black History Tourism

Feb. 1, 2019                                                                         TourismTiger

Regardless of your background or race, chances are that black history, in some shape or form, has made an impact on your life today. Having conversations about it exposes us to new ideas around advocacy and standing up against all odds to fight for equality, self-respect, and dignity.

Black History: Bridging the Gap and the Power of Storytelling with Chakita Patterson of United Street Tours

Feb. 4, 2019                                                                              Podcast: Speaking of Racism

Chakita Patterson is the founder of United Street 


Black History Walking Tour Story

Feb. 9, 2019                                                                                      The Nashville Voice

Currently, she averages about four tours a week. People can choose from three tours: African-American culture, civil rights, and the Nashville Black Wall Street, or Jefferson Street, which thrived decades ago and is now being revitalized.

Patterson said she plans to start a new tour in Franklin that will focus on black history there, particularly the involvement of blacks in the Civil War.

The Nashville Walking Tour Everyone Should Take

Feb. 10, 2019                                                                    StyleBlueprint

What do you think is the key to ending racial injustice and disparity? Conversations. It’s very easy to be racist or hateful toward someone you’ve never had a conversation with. If you have a conversation with someone, they become a human being.

Nashville Black History Tour Company Adds New Walking Excursions

Feb. 14, 2019                                                                                    The Tennessee Tribune

Patterson has also recently acquired a bus that will be incorporated into the experience in some way, however, details of how the bus will be used aren’t being released at this time. The bus will be a tribute to black history in North Nashville. 

It’s Time to Step Outside Our Comfort Zone

Feb. 24, 2019                                                                              Southern Voices by StyleBlueprint

In our newest episode of the “Southern Voices” podcast, host Ashley Haugen has a candid conversation with Lisa Green and Chakita Patterson, two African American women who speak openly about what it’s like to grow up as black Americans in the South, discriminatory experiences they have endured in the not-so-distant past, what they think the key to ending racism is and much more.

The Best Experience Ever

The first step to tap into the diverse, cultural side of Nashville is to join a tour hosted by United Street Tours and learn about the cultural treasures that live here. Watch as founder, Chakita Patterson gives you an overview of some of the tours.

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